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Solicitation after a car accident is illegal.

After a car accident there are a multitude of things you need to figure out; such as, how to get around if your car is inoperable, and dealing with the injuries sustained. A reputable attorney can help you deal with all the issues involved.
Unfortunately, after an accident many may try to reach contact you without your consent and offer to help with your case. These will be individuals who claim to work for an attorney albeit an unethical one. This practice is called soliciting, commonly known as ambulance chasing, and it is ILLEGAL.

To make matters worse, these are the cases that tend to be mishandled and the accident victim loses adequate relief. Over the years I have spoken to many individuals who were victims of solicitors and their stories are almost universal. A random person either calls or shows up at their doorstep and this person offers their services and promises the stars and the moon. After the individual signs a contract they are pushed off from person to person while never getting the attention they need and deserve. Many times, they do not even get to meet an attorney, if there is one. Eventually the victim’s case is closed without them obtaining proper relief.

After an accident you deserve to be represented by a reputable attorney that will give you the attention you deserve. It is important to research any potential attorney as well as ask for references and look for references online. A reputable Attorney will give you the opportunity to reach out to their office and most importantly set up a consult to speak to him or her directly.