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Do You Have Insurance?

Sept. 30, 2020

Seems like a simple question. The answer is yes if you pay for an insurance policy monthly and no if you don’t. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple with so many policy options that an insurance carrier offers. What does that mean for many drivers and vehicle owners on the road? It means that if you don’t check you could end up in a situation where there is no coverage after an accident.

The State of Texas requires every driver on the road to have appropriate insurance coverage to cover damages in case of an accident. If you don’t you will be liable for possible damages caused, which can amount to the thousands or more. If this liability is not paid you can also be facing a possible license suspension, both driver and professional, until the damages are paid.

It is in your interest to verify proper coverage, not doing so can have dramatic consequences. Families are the most vulnerable. Many times, parents think they have coverage on their vehicles and assume they are covered along with their children who are drivers. After an accident, they find out that their child was excluded from coverage. This can result in both the child and the parent being sued and having to deal with the complexities of the legal system with no professional support. Many policies also have excluded or named drivers. Meaning only certain drivers are covered by the insurance policy. So, if you allow a friend to drive then an accident happens, you’ll find yourself in a similar situation.

Accidents are unavoidable sometimes, not having proper insurance coverage is not. Don’t allow yourself to be in a situation where there is no coverage. The consequences will have a significant impact on your future. Also, important to mention the unfortunate victim of an accident that will be left without any real recourse. It’s a public safety issue, do your part and verify you have proper insurance coverage.