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What To Expect After A Car Accident Part 1

Feb. 17, 2022
  1. The accident and the days after

    1. The Accident - A car crash is unexpected and, more often than not, unintentional. It's called an accident for a reason. (Side note: if it were intentional, it would be a crime and would not be covered by a car insurance policy) An auto accident happens in the blink of an eye, but the aftermath can last forever. This will be the first part of a four-part series detailing what happens after a serious car or truck accident.

      1. Assess - Not all accidents are created equal, your reaction to a fender bender and a catastrophic crash naturally will be different. Ironically, you want to think safety first. If possible, check on those involved and call for medical attention if there are any obvious injuries. If necessary, and if possible, move your vehicle to a safe place. However, if you can without causing further injury, note and/or take pictures of the scene of the accident.

      2. Police report - The next thing you want to do is assess your situation. Speak to those involved, take pictures, and gather as much information as possible. Make sure to call the police and request an incident report. Sometimes, individuals want to expedite the experience and simply exchange information without calling and waiting for the police. Although doing that will not eliminate your ability to exercise your rights it can make it unnecessarily complicated. It is always best to have incidents documented by an unbiased third party. These simple acts will be important as you move forward. The truth of the matter is that not all accidents are the same. So not all accidents require extensive legal intervention. It is strongly urged that you allow an experienced legal professional to help you determine legal action.

    2. Evaluation - Play it safe and get an evaluation. This is a two-part suggestion, get a legal evaluation and a medical evaluation. An experienced" personal injury lawyer will advise you of your rights and remedies following an accident. An experienced medical practitioner will help you heal and get back to your pre-accident self. It is important to recognize that not all accidents require extensive medical attention, if you are lucky, you will not require any medical attention at all. However, many accidents cause injuries that can creep up on you over a prolonged period. You may think going to the Emergency Room of a hospital after an accident is good enough. The reality of an ER is that their concern is in the immediate. Hence, emergency in their name. After an accident your injuries may not be debilitating but, often, you will know something is not right. Therefore, a medical evaluation is crucial to determine if that nagging pain you have will just go away or some intervention is necessary. An experienced doctor will evaluate you with your future years in mind. The hope is they give you a clean bill of health but do not leave it to hope, play it safe. Let their experience and expertise make that determination.

  2. Representation - Do you need to hire an experienced personal injury attorney? Well, it depends. (This is every lawyer’s favorite answer to any question) After a car accident, an experienced lawyer will evaluate your case. [Warning: heavy legalese ahead - you might want to skip ahead]A car crash is a negligent tort. There are four elements to a negligent tort. There must be a duty, a breach of duty, cause in fact, and damages. All four elements must be present to bring a personal injury claim. Take a rear-end collision for example. In this instance, there is a duty not to reach end anyone. If someone rear-ends another, there is now a breach of that duty. If the breach of that duty caused damages that is the cause in fact. Finally, any damages caused round out the negligent tort and the possible need for legal representation. This is an overly simplified example of a negligent tort. However, rarely is a legal issue simple, even if it may give that impression. Lawyers have a knack for complicating simpleness. (We don’t like ourselves either {sometimes}) [Legalese Ends] So do you need to hire a personal injury attorney.

    1. The only way to get out of "it depends" is to consult with one…If you or someone you know was a victim of a car or truck accident, call us for a free consultation. SI TE CHOCO UN CAMION HABLALE A MIGUELON