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Sept. 30, 2020

Imagine yourself in a vehicle enjoying a typical drive on a normal day. Suddenly and unexpectedly you feel a huge impact to you and the vehicle you are in. Now your heartbeat is racing, your senses are on hyper-drive, and you’re trying to figure out WHAT JUST HAPPENED. You were just a victim of a traffic accident.

In 2015 Texas had one reportable crash every 61 seconds.* Every time you hit the road you risk being the next victim. More often than not there is absolutely nothing you can do to avoid being a victim of a car accident. So, what are you to do? … Well, as the saying goes ‘fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me’. What I mean to say is that, being a victim is not your fault but not exercising YOUR RIGHTS after is.

So how do you exercise your rights? … It starts right away. After a traffic accident, you want to do the sensible things; ask and check if everyone is OK, if possible move to a safer place, call 911. Clearly if the resulting injuries are severe you may not be able to do the following, but if you can try to get your mind right and follow this advice. Get evaluated, even if you think the impact is minor. You will be surprised how significant injuries can be even from what may seem like a minor accident. Talk and get information from witnesses and the other driver. Make sure the police investigate and prepare a report. Lastly, take pictures of the scene. Not just your car but the entire scene, including the other vehicle. The pictures, of course, must be taken with an abundance of caution.

The days following traffic accidents are also crucial. But there are dangers you need to watch out for.

DO NOT TALK TO SOLICITORS, these are people who either claim to work for an attorney or work for an unethical attorney. They will promise you the moon and the stars with no intention of ever keeping that promise. It is illegal for an attorney, either directly or thru an employee, to approach you and offer their services. It’s important that you seek out an attorney of your choice, not someone that manipulates his or her services upon you. I have spoken to many individuals who have been cheated from their valid claim because of mishandling from solicitors and the attorneys they say, or do, work for.

You must also BEWARE OF INSURANCE COMPANIES. Many individuals have come into my office after they tried to deal with insurance companies on their own. They attempt to deal with the insurance companies in good faith but fail to get fair treatment in return. Insurance companies will do all they can to minimize the amount they pay out for your claims. Do not let them sell your valid claim short. The collision you suffered was not your fault, do not let them bully you into taking less then what your deserve.

Anytime you are a victim of an accident you should consult with an experienced attorney that can evaluate your claim. At the Law Office of Miguel A. Salazar, PLLC we will give you a fair and reasonable assessment of your claim. The consultation is free and if we don't win you don't pay. Call today and speak directly with Attorney Miguel Salazar.