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Do You Have Insurance?

Seems like a simple question. The answer is yes if you pay for an insurance policy monthly and no if you don’t. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple with so many policy options that an insurance carrier offers.

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Solicitation After a Car Accident Is Illegal

After a car accident there are a multitude of things you need to figure out. You must find out what you will be driving if your car is inoperable, dealing with the injuries sustained, etc. A reputable attorney can help you deal with all the issues involved.

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Arrested for DWI? What's Next?

In Texas, after being arrested for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) there are several steps you must take to protect your liberty and license. Two tracks will start when you are arrested, the civil track and the criminal track. On the civil side you have your license suspension and potentially the Occupational Drivers License.

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After an Auto Accident, What Happens if There Is No Insurance Coverage?

After a car accident the person at fault must do what they can to place the victim in the same or similar position they were prior to the accident. Obviously, we can’t turn back time and make it so that the accident never happened. The next best remedy is to seek a monetary settlement.

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Don't Trust Insurance Companies to Pay a Fair Settlement

After an auto accident insurance companies will jump at the opportunity to settle your claim fast. They will entice you by offering to pay for your emergency medical bills and maybe little extra for your troubles. How generous of them, right?

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Personal Injury Attorney Ready to Explain Your Rights

Imagine yourself in a vehicle enjoying a typical drive on a normal day. Suddenly and unexpectedly you feel a huge impact to you and the vehicle you are in. Now your heartbeat is racing, your senses are on hyper-drive, and you’re trying to figure out WHAT JUST HAPPENED.

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